A typical 14 year old boy, born and raised in DFW area is a fun loving kid who enjoys some regular things.

He loves food, since, we are all vegetarians, he is one too. He likes to not just eat but also cook food. He has done several courses before and during pandemic related to cooking. He typically likes looking for vegetarian variations and adopting them to his own taste. He loves eating spices, since, our food is primarily south asian, he gets to taste a lot of spices. He also loves Texmex and only when its raining he likes to eat Thai :-). Of course, Italian cuisine is his favorite all time food, specially just pasta with red sauce.

Sunchit bakes his own birthday cake
When Sunchit baked his own birthday cake

There is not a football game that he misses which is being played by the Cowboys. He tries to watch as much as he can on week nights, but never misses the Sunday night games. He has trained a few years ago with some of the coaches from Cowboys team. He loved and truly enjoyed, he might have started liking football when he was in the flag football team. We have been to the cowboys stadium as well for a couple of live games to watch.

He plays French Horn in the marching band since the Middle school years. He tried various instruments and was good at French horn, he did concert band in middle school and then new in high school he is in Junior Varsity marching band team.

2021 Holiday Concert

Theatre is his greatest passion, he loves drama and everything related to it. Within Drama he loves to be a comedian. He doesn’t care what sized role he has, short, long, medium, he is always ready to roll. He has played various roles including a solo musical as Olaf recently.

Performing in the Pom Pom Zombies show earlier in 2020

His passion for food serves him well with his parents interest who love to travel around the globe. Sunchit has been to various different countries across Europe, Africa, South and North America. He remembers a unique city with their cuisine and what we had eaten there. Below are some of his pictures from these trips.

All in he loves life and is happy and enjoys in every circumstance, with his family and his friends.

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