What is Nephronophthisis

May 19th 2021 – The day we heard the news: “I know exactly what Sunchit has, I will tell you about it, I just need a last confirmation” said Dr. S with complete confidence in the recovery room where Sunchit was waking up from a general anesthesia at Children’s Medical Center of Dallas. He hadContinue reading “What is Nephronophthisis”

Healthy Kidney with Blood group ‘O’ Needed…

14 year old Sunchee, has been diagnosed with an End Stage Renal Disease (ESRD). He needs a healthy kidney to live a normal life. If you know someone who is healthy and willing to spare their kidney, are less than 45 years of age, with blood group ‘O’. The above criteria has been given toContinue reading “Healthy Kidney with Blood group ‘O’ Needed…”