15th revolution around the sun

Today Sunchee completed 15 years of his life, in these 15 years, he has been a source of endless joy for everyone around him. I was thinking about why being around him is always so much fun. Then I realized, that it is his personality and being the easygoing person he is, he brings cheer to everyone.

Last year has been specifically challenging for him and all of us. He took this in his stride, he gets worried about things but then enjoys the present moment. Finds ways to do something that he likes and appreciates his friends, family and simple things in life. His enthusiasm for doing things right now and looking forward to doing things that he can is highly appreciable. He loves to eat different kinds of food. Unfortunately, he is limited in choices at the moment due to his kidney disease, but even then he finds something that he likes within the foods he can eat. Thats Sunchee, he loves to be himself and be happy with what he has got.

Even today, he enjoyed the day with his friends, had dinner at his favorite restaurant, and played table tennis right afterwards. Despite having some discomfort and issues with his stomach, he did not loose the opportunity to enjoy. In a way, life has taught him the hardest lesson one can learn to be happy with what he has and is in his present moment without worrying about the future and the past.

Published by Aabhas

Trivial existence but interesting life. Enjoy, poetry, Hindi film music, Ghazals, and Technology. Do not like watching any sport, but certainly enjoy playing Tennis.

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